Collection: Inaiya's Chunky Wools

Lollipop Interiors would like to introduce Inaiya - a 13 year old girl who loves anything creative, a bit like her mum!


Inaiya painted and designed the large pink cocktail cabinet in our cocktail collections, she is able to sand. prep and paint furniture and she also enjoys gilding and wallpapering furniture.


Inaiya started learning to knit with knitting needles and a small ball of wool in when she was 9 year old, but then she discovered making larger blankets hand knitting with giant yarn was more fun so she has practised everyday, watched every video going and decided to make her own. 


She gifted her first creations and couldn't believe the reaction to her work so she has now decided she would like to start selling her creations. 


We have priced everything fairly, making her a little profit to enable her to put that back into buying more stock. We also use vegan friendly washable wool as opposed to mernino wool which is only spot clean. 

She is happy to take on commissions and is able to discuss options with clients, every dream starts somewhere and we are always willing to give people a chance no matter how young :)